Al-Bayan: Holy Quran Memorization Program For Youth

The Holy Qur’an is not an ordinary book but a miracle of the Holy Prophet and a guide for the entire humanity. Therefore, it is essential that we grasp its message early in life.

The youth often struggle to understand the Qur’an due to their lack of familiarity with common and oft-used Quranic and Arabic terminology.

In order to facilitate understanding of the Qur’anic message, this program is being introduced for the community youth. It will focus on memorization of the Suras, which in turn will help in understanding the meaning.

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“The Most Gracious has imparted this Qur’an. He created man (and taught him eloquence (bayan)”

Surah Ar-Rahman (55:1-4)

Al-Bayan is a program to facilitate memorization and understanding of the Divine Message.

Al-Bayan is a project of As-Sadiq Academy which is an educational initiative of Muslim Congress and aims to impart fundamentals of Islamic thought to the community.



  • Memorize the Surah of the last part (30th Juz’) of the Holy Qur’an and recite them flawlessly.
  • Get familiar with the Qur’anic vocabulary.
  • Understand key messages from suras (based on selected verses provided in the program).


  • LEVEL 1 - Fateha, Naas, Falaq, Ikhlaas, Lahab, Nasr, Kafiroon, Kauthar
  • LEVEL 2 - Ma’oon, Qureish, Feel, Humazah, Asr, Takathur
  • LEVEL 3 - Qariah, Adiyaat, Zilzaal, Qadr, Alaq, Teen, Bayyinah
  • LEVEL 4 - Inshiraah, Duha, Lail, Shams, Balad, Fajr, Ghashiyah, A’laa
  • LEVEL 5 - At-Tariq, Al-Burooj, Al-Inshiqaq, Al-Mutaffifin
  • LEVEL 6 - Al-Infitaar, At-Takwir, Abasa, An-Naziaat, An-Naba

The Program

Students will practice at their own pace using various resources (Quran, internet, audio recording, parents. teachers etc).  Organizers will test the students on a scheduled basis in order to keep the students accountable.

The program for completing the Juz’ will take one year starting in Ramadhan and ending in the holy month of Rajab.

Testing for each level will take place approximately every two months (Please see the schedule in this brochure). Participants will be tested to gauge their fluency of recitation and understanding of selected verses.

This is not a tutoring program nor is it a contest. It is meant to encourage children to learn the Suras and get rewarded for their effort. Organizers will support by suggesting resources for learning.

Parents will need to ensure that their child is consistently learning the suras and the select set of verses provided by the program.

The program will be conducted under the guidance of H.I. Syed Farhat Abbas in coordination with IEC Houston.


  • Participants will be tested on the following:
  • Proper sequence of the verses
  • Clear articulation of the sounds of each letter (Makhraj)
  • Proper pronunciation (Tajweed) of all words and verses.
  • Meaning/translation of selected verses (provided separately)

Program Schedule

  • Ramadhan - Recognition for completion of program - (Level 1-2 Tests)
  • Zul-Qa’dah - Level 1-3 Tests
  • Safar - Level 1-4 Tests
  • Rabi I - Recognition for Passing Level 4
  • Rabi II - Level 1-5 Tests
  • Rajab - Juz ‘Amma Tests


There will be two recognition events:

  1. After passing level 4 (Rabi-ul-Awwal)
  2. At the completion of the program in the holy month of Ramadhan.

Participants must recite all surahs with proper pronunciation without any errors in Makhraj and

Completion Award: $500

Level 4 Award: $100

Levels 3: $20 gift cards

Level 1-2: Certificate and a token gift


Note: participants who complete the program will get a maximum of $500 (including the level 4 award).

Contact Information

Tel (Text/Voice Mail Only): 713-305-4370
Email: albayan@Sadiq.Academy