As-Sadiq Islamic Academy

About Us

Islam places great emphasis on education. Its teachings underscore the importance of its acquisition by all Muslims. Emphasizing learning and education, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) transformed a largely uneducated and illiterate society into an Umma focused on higher learning, intellectual pursuits, and scientific development. According to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), there are no limits to learning and a Muslim should acquire knowledge throughout their lives and from all sources.

To further this objective, As-Sadiq Academy brings Islamic education to your devices at a time and place of your convenience. These courses help build a stronger foundation in Islamic beliefs, provide a deeper knowledge of Islamic Laws, and offer comprehensive training in Islamic Morality and Ethics. Islamic scholars, with years and decades of study at Islamic Seminaries, provide online interactive courses in various Islamic disciplines like Theology, Law, Ethics, Quranic Arabic, History, and Morality. These courses are catered towards those interested in developing a deeper understanding of Islam and perfecting their deen.

As-Sadiq Islamic Academy is a project of the Muslim Congress.

As-Sadiq Islamic Academy History

As-Sadiq Islamic Academy evolved from a very successful Pre-Seminary (Pre-Hawza) program, whose target was to prepare students to hit the ground running when they join the Islamic Seminary.

Our Philosophy

Provide a life-long learning platform for all ages and all backgrounds.

We want to quench the thirst of new Muslims and provide avenues to grow Islamic knowledge for all levels of students.

We are all students from the day we are born to the day we move on to the eternal world.

Our Principle

  • Provide Muslims Islamic knowledge for their practical lives
  • Interactive and Instructor-led training
  • Highly trained & qualified scholars from Islamic seminaries
  • Offer courses to Islamic centers for their Sunday school teachers
  • All courses conveniently delivered online over the internet 

Our Success

Successful graduation of 20 students from a two-year certificate program recognized and accredited by international Islamic seminaries in the last 5 years.

600 students completed 6 different short courses in the year 2020.

Online summer camp attended by more than 120 youth ages 9-15  during the covid-19 pandemic.