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learn islamic beliefs, rulings and its way of life

As-Sadiq Islamic Academy provides a unique environment to learn the core beliefs of Islam, its laws, ethics, and its way of life.  Our instructors are qualified from the most recognized Islamic seminaries in the world.  Your questions are answered here.

Jurisprudence (Fiqh) Track

The Jurisprudence Track is focused on deepening the knowledge of Islamic Laws

Theology (Aqaid) Track

The Theology track is focused on building a strong foundation in Islamic beliefs.

Specialization Track

This track includes ethics, philosophy, Islamic logic, and many more contemporary topics.

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As-Sadiq Islamic Academy Curriculum

Guided by Expert Educators from Islamic Seminaries

At As-Sadiq Islamic Academy we see the curriculum as something that embraces more or less everything that a student does. You may ask why we see the curriculum that way. For many schools, the curriculum is just the academic part of what a student studies. But that really doesn’t do justice to what an education is.

2-Year Diploma