Quran Mafaheem – Book 3 – Urdu


The Qur’an is the living miracle of the Prophet (PBUH&HP). One of its miraculous characteristics is that
although it is the epitome of eloquence, and full of rich content, it is still simple to understand. In addition to reminding us that the Qur’an is easy to understand, God has also called it a ‘weighty word’. This means that although its apparent meaning is easy to understand, a person who reflects on it will discover within it a sea of knowledge.

Certainly we will make light upon you, a weighty word (The Holy Qur’an, 73:5)
Even when the Qur’an is compared to highly eloquent prophetic traditions, its eminently lustrous light is
evident. Yet, it is composed of oft-repeated words which reflect its simplicity The Qur’an contains less
than 2000 unique words, a great number of which are repeated. Through these 2000 words, the omnipotent Lord has emitted explosive magnitude of explicit and esoteric meanings that serve as guidelines for the material and spiritual salvation of mankind in this world and the next.

We have tried to simplify the course by avoiding any unnecessary terminology, and by maintaining
simplicity in the discussions. At times however, this has meant a loss in precision in the word-to-word
translation, which occasionally requires commentary. There are some words that cannot be translated into simple English, and thus the simplicity has come at a cost. We hope to compensate for this at a later stage, God-willing.

Course Content:

There are approximately 78000 words in the Qur’an, of which less than 2000 are unique. In this
course, more than 1200 words will be taught, 750 of which are the most commonly repeated words of the
Qur’an. The 1200 words add up to approximately 67000 of the 78000 words of the Qur’an, which means
86% of the Qur’an.

1- Recitation of verses
2- Analysis and explanation of the vocabulary list
3- Group discussion, tests and textbook exercises
4- Revision of verses
5- Workbook exercises

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